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EIGHT - net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker.Value
elements() - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.Sieve
Resets the current sieve and returns a reference as Enumeration.
end - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.core.Problem
The time in nanoseconds when the solving process got finished.
equals(Object) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.LargeNumber
Checks, if the given object is equal to the current number.
equals(Object) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker.Card
Checks of two cards are equal to each other.
Euler - Class in net.n1da.dev.euler
The driver to solve a single problem or some problems in a batch.
Euler() - Constructor for class net.n1da.dev.euler.Euler
EulerTest - Class in net.n1da.dev.euler.tests.problems
Super class for all problem testing classes.
EulerTest() - Constructor for class net.n1da.dev.euler.tests.problems.EulerTest
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