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cache - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0014
Stores the count of terms for every starting number.
cache - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0021
Stores all found amicable numbers.
cache - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0027
A memory for all found primes to save some time while checking the result of every calculation.
cache - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0030
Stores the sums of the powered digits.
Cache - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0017
Local cache for all found lengths.
candidates - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0035
List of all primes less that 1,000,000.
candidates - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0037
List of all primes less that 1,000,000.
candidates - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0043
Storage for all possible numbers.
candidates - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0049
Memory for primes less than 1000 stored as LargeNumber.
candidates - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0050
A memory for all primes less than one million.
candidates - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0060
Card - Class in net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker
Objects of this class representing a card known from a standard card game.
Card(String) - Constructor for class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker.Card
Creates a card with Card.value and Card.suit read from the given string.
cards - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker.Hand
Stores the cards of this hand.
check(int) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0031
Here the algorithm is implemented by checking every combination of coins.
check(int, int) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0061
Checks if the given numbers follow each other.
check(Integer[]) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0043
Checks if there are only single digits within the given array.
clone() - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.LargeNumber
Clones the current number to return a new LargeNumber with the same values in its LargeNumber.data.
CLUBS - net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker.Suit
The four values with an internal representation as powers of two.
cnt - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0007
The count of found primes.
code - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0059
A memory for the code
coins - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0031
Stores for every coin the count to fill 200 pence.
combi(int, int) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0053
Calculates the number of combinations that are possible by selecting r elements out of a n-size set of elements.
compareTo(LargeNumber) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.LargeNumber
Compares this object with the given one.
compareTo(Card) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker.Card
Compares two cards using their numeric value of the Card.value.
count - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0031
Counts the number of found combinations.
counts - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0008
The storage for the different step counts.
current - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.Sieve
The current prime found in the sieve.
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