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data - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.LargeNumber
The storage of the digits.
data - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.Matrix
Array to store the data.
data - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.Sieve
A local storages that works as the sieve.
data - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0018
The storage for the triangle data.
DaysInMonth - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0019
Stores the number of days for every month.
debug(String) - Static method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.IO
Offers a simple way to print out a debug message.
debugln(String) - Static method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.IO
Uses IO.debug(String) with an additional "\n" at the end.
decode(byte[], byte[]) - Method in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0059
Decodes a given code by the given key using a bitwise XOR operation.
DIAMONDS - net.n1da.dev.euler.helper.poker.Suit
digits - Variable in class net.n1da.dev.euler.PE0008
The 1000 digits.
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